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Langston & Aaron Aizenstros are Canada's youngest Afro-Canadian children authors. Their first audiobook published by LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group is called  I Believe In The Power Of You: Affirmations For Kids By Kids.   They are two little boys who are living in the world of love, play and wonder. Ari Lang, created by Langston and Aaron Aizenstros is an inspirational platform dedicated to children who want to learn how affirmations and meditations can empower their lives. 

Langston & Aaron's mission is to inspire other children to become empowered through affirmations and meditation globally. 


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Langston Aizenstros, Age 12 


Aaron Aizenstros, Age 10 

The Story Behind: I Believe In The Power Of You: Affirmations For Kids By Kids


Aaron and Langston have been practicing affirmations since they were toddlers.

Late in 2014, Aaron approached his mom about creating a book of affirmations. 

Keen on knowing what was already out there, their mom did a bit of research, and the only affirmation audiobook she found online was all created by adults.

She thought it would be super cool to have kids create an audiobook to inspire other children, so she suggested an audiobook first. She felt this would be a great approach for kids to use throughout their day. Plus, the main attraction was Langston and Aaron have the sweetest little voices.

They both sat with their mom and wrote out the affirmations. After, they began recording the audiobook in their mom’s home office during the evenings. 

Oh, what a process that was for mum!

Let's just say that mummy had many character building moments.

And so their mom began thinking it was pretty great to finally have an affirmation audiobook for kids, by kids.

We do, too.


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